Friday, November 27, 2009

Tschaikovsky, Brewski, Apres-Ski...but who is this Swarovski?

Dear Friends:

OK...we all know Tchaikovsky's wonderful music like "Swan Lake"...(believe me, even if you don't know it by name, you'll know it when you hear it). And "brewski" is now in quite a few dictionairies (and I'm sure I don't need to explain that one to anyone)... Apres-Ski...well, not in this weather, but we can hope.

So who is this Swarovski and why does everyone who loves jewelry know the name?

It turns out that Daniel Swarovski was born in Bohemia (which has lent its name to the Boho style...more on Boho in another email) in 1862. His father had a small glass factory and young Daniel grew up playing among the shining shards.

After becoming a glass cutter, Daniel learned of a new invention from our own Tom Edison (and this was over a century before Google...) and was inspired to invent a machine for cutting thousands of perfect facets in crystal (which is the highest quality glass with lots of lead in it) with far greater precision than had ever been done before.

And the result? Exquisite Swarovski crystal can be found in magnificent jewelry all over the world, including guessed it...ArtsEcho Galleria! Here's a tiny little sample of Swarovski crystal encircling a gorgeous, huge cubic zirconia:

We have lots of beautiful new jewelry, including sparkly earrings, glittering necklaces, gleaming bracelets, shimmering rings...I could go on and on but I'll just end with: Thanks, Daniel.

Warm regards,
Sandra and the wonderful ArtsEcho team: Lil (returning from Panama on Sunday), Karina (who has been filling in for Lil), Crystal (H. not S.), Ben, Arianna, Jackie, Dina and Lina.

PS: Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful...and now...on to Christmas! To accompany our exquisite jewelry, we have great boxes (including ring boxes), lovely red tissue paper (on its way), adorable gift bags and even gift cards...
all for free! Simplified holiday shopping, anyone?

PPS: Here's the lovely Jen Lampert who will be performing at our next concert "THE SOUND FROM HERE, THE VIEW FROM HERE" celebrating the music and views from NJ! The extraordinary panoramas (some TEN FEET LONG!) of our favorite photographer, Dexter Lane, will be on exhibit as well. Save the date: Wednesday, December 9th, 7, art, food!

PPPS: Hours: M-W 11-7, Th-F 11-8, Sat 10-6; Phone: 201-617-1110

PPPPS: We are on FaceBook! And we update photos a lot! If you love FB, please go to ArtsEcho and FAN US!

PPPPPS: I have to go home now...

Friday, November 20, 2009

BLACK FRIDAY at ArtsEcho...well, perhaps DARK GREY Friday

Dear Friends:

On this warm November 20 evening, I want to greet you all and wish you a very Happy upcoming Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving as it is really the only non-commercial holiday that we celebrate. It's all about eating, family, eating, relaxing, eating, watching football, eating, napping...

So doesn't it just get to you that the next day has become one of the most commercial days of the year? Well, if you can't fight 'em...

On Friday, in the spirit of "joining 'em" the ArtsEcho way, we will be open (not at 6am, not at 3am, not at 1am) but at 9am!!!! And unlike some of our competitors (like Walmart and Macy's...OK, lol) we won't have just a few things on sale, but EVERYTHING will be 40% off!!!! Even our fabulous jewelry (that you won't find anywhere else and that NEVER goes on sale since our prices are already soooo looooow) will be on sale. Here are a few samples of our wonderful new things to whet your appetites (for BLING, not turkey...):


That's Arianna and Karina behind the counter (no, they are not for sale on Black Friday) with flowers from Ben Roman and a basket of chocolate kisses that we always keep on hand to sweeten your day...

And that's Guy, the best doggie in the world...he's for sale...$20,000, discount!

Have a wonderful week, warm regards,

Sandra and the ArtsEcho Galleria team, Lil (on her way to Panama!), Crystal, Ben (returning from Israel this week), Judy, Arianna, Jackie, Karina, Lina, Dina and our new intern Claude (pronounced Claud-ay).

PS: Next week I'll tell you all about the Dec. 9th "New Jersey" concert with the amazing Jennifer Lampert who has sung at the Rainbow Room, The Waldorf, Roseland Ballroom, Giant Stadium & Shea Stadium, not to mention touring the world entertaining the troops as Miss USO 2001! She will be joined by Emmy award winning musician Gary Schreiner and a few other surprise guests!

PPS: Ah yes, we are open M-W 11-7, Friday 9am - whenever, Saturday 10-6.

PPPS: Ben Roman's exhibit ("People of WaterColor") last Friday night was superb! Over 60 of our neighbors, friends, artists were here admiring Ben's amazing watercolors. Make sure to stop by to see them.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Joys of "Visual Marketing" (or making it up as you go along)

Dear Friends:

I've just learned that what we at ArtsEcho Galleria call "let's move everything around and see how it looks" is also called Visual Marketing. We always get comments from you all saying "Oh, you've changed the store!"'s fun to do it (builds muscles!) and we love to see what looks best where. Well, it turns out that you can spend about $200,000 and get a fancy degree in this. There are even universities that offer PhD's in Visual Marketing.

So here is the ArtsEcho Galleria do-it-yourself version of Visual Marketing with some lovely new items that are in the Galleria (notice how the bags and scarves and pins all match!)

And sitting on the famous pink couch (did I ever tell you that it is the exact same couch that was in the 2005 film "The Producers"? Yes, friends and film trivia buffs, Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick sat on this couch and 8 men danced on it in the film) is our mannequin Rachel, also VM'd with the Einstein Wall behind her:

So stop on by, enjoy our ad hoc Visual Marketing and all of the lovely things (and people!) who are here at ArtsEcho Galleria, our charming little shop.

Warm regards,
Sandra and the ArtsEcho team, Lil, Crystal, Judy, Ben, Jackie, Arianna, Karina, Dina and Lina.

PS: Speaking of wonderful people, don't forget that tonight at 7pm you can meet the watercolor artist Ben Roman right here at ArtsEcho Galleria in his first solo show "People of WaterColor". You'll also meet some terrific neighbors and other artists who will be here (and you'll get to try my famous homemade smoked salmon/ cilantro dip!)

PPS: Can't think of one, but didn't want to disappoint you...

PPPS: Oh yes! The secret (save 50% on one fabulous item of clothing including our really gorgeous "Classy Cardigans") word is "Hurricane Ida".

PPPPS: We're open M-W 11-7, Th-F 11-8, Sat 10-6 and you can reach us at 201-617-1110

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Fantastic Fun of Fashion

Dear Friends: Take a little beret, add a sweet plaid jacket, a wonderful scarf, a big black belt, put it all together with a swirly leather skirt with some ruffles (leather ruffles!) some shiny black tights, thigh high suede boots and you! Totally up-to-the-minute fashion. Fashion that feels fashion... frivolous and fantastic facets of fashion...OK, enough with the "f" words...

Meet Karina Osorio, our college intern. Karina is studying Fashion Marketing at LIM (Laboratory Institute of Merchandising) in NY. Fashion is a very, very big business as in multi-billion dollar global business. Well, why not? Everyone wears clothes. But the how and the why of what you wear has a strong effect on how you feel. And that, in turn, affects how you present yourself to the world.

Of course, everything Karina is wearing is from our charming little Galleria. And, as you know, we don't just choose our collection from catalogs or lists, but search out every special one-of-a-kind item from designers, collectors, contacts and special sales. So stop by soon, swoon over scrumptious scarves, skirts, shirts, sables and saris in our sartorial showroom...OK, no more "s" words...

I'm so glad to be back at ArtsEcho, chained to my computer, loving every moment.

Warm regards, Sandra and the wonderful ArtsEcho team, Lil, Crystal, Ben, Judy, Arianna, Jackie, Dina, Lina and Karina

PS: Next Friday night at 7pm...join us for the opening of the exhibition "People of WaterColor", a solo show by the wonderful artist, Ben Roman.

PPS: Coming up on Wednesday, December 9: "The View From Here, The Sounds From Here". Save the date!

PPPS: We're here M-W 11-7, Th-F 11-8 and Sat 10-6 and you can reach us at 201-617- 1110.