Friday, September 18, 2009

ArtsEcho Galleria and President Obama

Dear Friends: It's been a lovely, warm and productive week here at ArtsEcho Galleria. For those of you who are "Prairie Home Companion" fans, I almost said Lake Wobegon...actually, here it's more like Lake Weebehawken.

Many of our friends are back from vacation and summer travels and have stopped in to say hello and enjoy our gorgeous new clothing and jewelry. We're working hard...finding more and more amazing things from all over the world, not to mention lots of designer items. I hate to be a name-dropper (yeah, right...I love it...) but Kate Spade, Ms. Prada, Mr. L. Vuitton, and Ms. Pucci are all visiting the Galleria right now together with many of their colleagues...

Ben Roman, the wonderful watercolor portrait painter who exhibits here at the Galleria, is back from his first trip to the Dominican Republic. This week Ben brought in his easel and paints and started painting right in the Galleria! He (like us and many of you) loves the warm and friendly atmosphere here (and possibly the chocolates...)

Just after Barack Obama was elected President, I begged Ben to paint his portrait. He chose a thoughtful and introspective view of President Obama and finished the painting this week. Never satisfied, now I want a painting of our stunning First Lady, too. (Artistically speaking, I am so spoiled...)

We are in the planning stages of our new "season". One of our soirees will be a (hopefully rather wild) fashion show....and all of our models are customers of the Galleria! We're also working on an evening of the glorious music and art of Mexico. And a Winter Photo contest is coming up as well.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the cooler weather.

Warm regards,

Sandra and the ArtsEcho Galleria team; Lil, Judy, Crystal, Jackie & Arianna

Friday, September 11, 2009

We Are Springing Into Fall (...or The Summer That Never Was...)

Dear Friends:

Usually by this time of year everyone is saying: "What, summer's already over?" But summer 2009 seems like the summer-that-never-really-got-started and here it is almost autumn. At least all of my plants and flowers (like the magnificent mandevillas in prolific pink in front of ArtsEcho Galleria) are very happy.

I'm happy, too (although not prolifically pink).

We had our best day EVER on Labor Day. Not only did we break our previous one day $$$ record but we met the most wonderful people who wandered in all day long. Everyone always tells us that they have been meaning to stop in and see just exactly what goes on here (we sometimes wonder ourselves), and last Monday was one of those days. And the weather was glorious! (And naturally, everyone loved my secret-recipe cheesecake...)

Lil in Black Velvet
Several couples walked in and the male halves always asked me if we only sell things for women (meaning, of course, our lovely jewelry and clothing like the gorgeous black velvet gown on our stunning Lil) and I was delighted to show off our "new" collection of 800-year-old-arrowheads from Western Canada and our Roman coins that are about 2000 years old (really). We have these displayed with a sign over them saying "A GIFT FOR THE PERSON WHO HAS EVERYTHING"... so watch out, guys.

Speaking of gifts, we do have spectacular things. We keep enlarging our jewelry section since everyone loves our one-of-a-kind-never-seen-anything-like-it collection of amazing (and very reasonably priced) jewelry. And we're almost sold out of our handknit bags and scarves...

Toni Figaro's Handmade Handbags
Which reminds me, tomorrow is KNITTING DAY at ArtsEcho Galleria(we call it Knitty Gritty in Union City) with the amazing Toni Figaro. Toni charges a small set fee to teach someone to knit and that includes coming back again & again to learn new stitches and how to read patterns and even to get help with that sweater that you started 8 1/2 years ago (and that has made you feel guilty for the last 8 1/4 years). And since we believe it's so important to learn to do something creative with your hands, ArtsEcho provides beautiful FREE WOOL & KNITTING NEEDLES! And then you'll be able to make your own presents!

Have a lovely week, come visit us...warm regards,

Sandra and the valiant and hard-working ArtsEcho Galleria team: Lil, Judy, Crystal, Ben, Arianna and Jackie

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cheesecake and Labor Day

Dear Friends:

Where will you be on Labor Day?

After the bar-b-que or the sunbath, (or the 14 hour trip home from the Jersey shore), stop by and visit us here at ArtsEcho Galleria! We will be celebrating Labor Day with baked goodies, especially my famous SECRET-RECIPE CHEESECAKE! (Some of know who you are...have been trying to bribe me for the recipe and all I can say is "fuggedaboudit"!)

We have recently passed our one year anniversary here at our charming little shop and we are so thrilled to be a vibrant part of the Park Ave neighborhood that we are having a BIG SALE!

Our adorable summer tops and dresses will be...gasp...70% off!!! (and that's well below cost...). Our luscious new arrivals for fall will be 30% off (but just on Monday...hey, have a heart...)

And here's the big news: Our exquisite, totally unique, you've-never-seen-anything-like-it-anywhere-else-ever JEWELRY (all of it!) will be on a BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF sale (also known as BOGOHO...honestly)...

And there's more! For everyone who spends over $50, we will give you a $10 ArtsEcho FunnyMoney GiftCard that you can spend on your next visit! And you all know that $50 goes much faaaarrrrrther at ArtsEcho Galleria than anywhere else!

And another thing: On Labor Day we will be RAFFLING OFF one of our gorgeous necklaces ( of the sterling silver and gemstone ones) to one lucky Labor Day Visitor (even if you don't buy anything but just come for the cheesecake!) (How sweet is that?) (Not the!)

With warm regards,

Sandra and the ArtsEcho team, Lil, Crystal, Judy, Ben, Arianna & Jackie

PS: Due to enormous pressure and huge demand, we will be open on Sundays(!!) from 1 - 6 and you are all invited!