Saturday, May 29, 2010

Creativity...(sometimes known as getting off your backside & doing something interesting.)

Dear Friends:

You may have noticed the change in our lovely little windows recently.

A while ago, when I felt like I was chained to this computer for far too many weeks, I took 1/2 a day off. (I can hear the cries of shock resonating throughout the neighborhood from those of you who think I live here and sleep on the pink couch...) I took what we used to call a "busman's holiday" and went to the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum in NYC. Among the amazing gowns displayed there by designers such as Ralph Rucci, Charles James, Yeohlee, Claire McCardell and many others, I noticed that all of the mannequins have movable wooden arms and hands. Talk about cool!

ArtsEcho Galleria has become home to two of these mannequins and here is the result:
The marvelous people who work here are amazing stylists...edgy, thoughtful, knowledgeable, fashion-conscious and also fashion-wise (we don't do "fashion victim" here). Which means that we can help you achieve the look you need, whether for a wedding (as the bride or a guest), a prom, a party, work or fun. Especially fun! It seems like everything we do here is fun. That's good.

Back to Creativity. You'll notice (hopefully) the two bags in the window in the top photo. They are a result of a wild burst of creativity on my part (and Zoe telling me that she wanted to buy a cross-body bag in NY the other day but it was hundreds of $$$'s and "not even leathuh!" (to quote Joan Cusack in "Working Girl")). I have a huge collection of silks and gorgeous leathers in all colors. This is the basis of the "Sustainable Couture" line that we are working on. I took some of the soft Nappa leather and made these sweet little bags. I had so much fun doing it that I hope to have several more done by Tuesday. They are priced at $48 and are TOTALLY ONE-OF-A-KIND-YOU-WILL-NEVER-SEE-ANOTHER-ONE-LIKE-IT-ANYWHERE-IN-THE-WORLD-ON-ANYONE-EVER (since they are all based on my imagination and sewing skills):
blue bag in window

Speaking of Tuesday, we are closed on Monday, Memorial Day, in honor of those who died to keep the people of this amazing country free, united, and protected by a Constitution. I am against Memorial Day Sales. I think there should be at least one day a year in which we are more important as citizens than as consumers.

Warm regards,
Sandra and the hard-working, talented, fashionable and knowledgeable people who work, intern and volunteer here at ArtsEcho Galleria, Zoe, Liana, Ben, Yara, Lina, Claude, Shanella, (and Crystal, working from Maine, and whom we all miss terribly, especially me).

PS: Volunteers! We need you!! You will get great "Funny Money" that you can spend here on our wonderful collection, even our spectacular and unique silver jewelry. We have a lot of new things as we sold almost everything last week at a wonderful flea market in West New York...yay!!!!)

PPS: As always, we're here at 3809 Park Ave from M-W 11-7, Th-F 11-8, Sat 10-6. You can reach us at 201-617-1110.

PPPS: Don't forget that you can host an ArtsEcho Galleria Jewelry Party (with all your friends or co-workers...or both) and have lots of fun and also make 10% IN CASH of everything sold! We will come to you...

PPPPS: Here's a photo of Guy for all who asked:
guy with einstein

PPPPPS: If those links above don't work, just Google!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Photos...worth all those thousands of words...and we have the photos!

Dear Friends: What can I say? (Other than THANK YOU to the wonderful James Colina for these incredible photos that he shot in the 3 seconds in which our lovely models walked out of the Galleria to the sidewalk. What a pro... You can see more photos on his website,

And a big, huge HUG to these amazing women who were so charming, helpful, professional their outfits!

In photo order: That's Zoe in one of Ji Young Song's "Sustainable Couture" designs from silk and leather, Sophia in Armani and DKNY, Virginia in a vintage hat and sequined skirt, Yara in Betsey Johnson, Lina in a Betsey Johnson tie-died dress, Olga in a boho floral paisley long dress, and, finally, Mikiko in Ji Young Song.

We will definitely be having another fashion show soon. GALLONS of work but TONS of fun!

More photos next week of the other fashions (including a few fabulous designs by Aileen Lowe) on the other spectacular models!

I love fashion when it is also art.

Warm regards,
Sandra and the ArtsEcho team, Zoe, Liana, Ben, Yara, Lina, Shanella and Claude. And a very tearful goodbye to Crystal who moved back to Maine and is already sorely missed here at ArtsEcho.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashion is Fabulous Fun!! (here in my office with 12 terrific women all trying on great clothes & jewelry for tomorrow's show!) AHHHH!!!

Dear Friends: Never, ever a dull moment here at ArtsEcho Galleria. And this week has been one of the non-dullest of them all with the excitement of the Sustainable Couture Fashion Show goings-on...going on.

I get to emcee tomorrow and everyone who is modeling either works or shops here at the Galleria. Last night (and part of today) our wonderful models were trying on couture, designer and vintage clothing...and we were adding huge necklaces & earrings, tying scarves around necks (and sometimes knees), draping black feather boas on vintage bridal gowns and, generally, having lots of fun playing dress up with some really gorgeous dresses (and jeans and skirts and tops and even one romper from the early 1960's).

Speaking of that romper, modeling it tomorrow night is a wonderful new addition to ArtsEcho Galleria. Liana Wright hails from West New York. She is a superb stylist and has "pulled" for many fashion shoots and, just this past Wednesday, received her BA in Psychology from NJCU. Here is Liana in all her graduate glory:
artsecho_logoliana after graduation

And here is a photo of Liana in an irresistible vintage pink dress taken by the inimitable Zoe for our Facebook page (which you can check out and also FAN!). Alas, you can't really see Liana in this photo, but doesn't the dress look FABULOUS???

liana pink dress
We are expecting a crowd tomorrow night...we'll have chairs inside and outside...photographers, friends, food, and as always, fun.

Sandra and the changing, but ever hard-working, charming, interesting and talented ArtsEcho Team, Zoe, Liana, Yara, Ben, Crystal, Claude, Lina and Shanella

PS: Here's Guy...for all of you who have asked about him. He's posing with our famous 12 inch heels that will be worn tomorrow night (by our neighbor, the lovely Olga) with a black beaded gown that weighs over 20 pounds...

guy with high heels
PPS: The Sustainable Couture Fashion Show starts at 5pm. We're at 3809 Park Ave in the "Watertower District" on the border of Union City and Weehawken.

PPPS: Ji Young Song and Aileen Lowe, the two inaugural designers for ArtsEcho Sustainable Couture, will be coming in from other states...Ji Young is flying in from California and Aileen is driving in from Central PA for the show.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mom's Day & Fashion Shows & Taxes & Did You Miss Me??

Dear Friends:

Thanks to all for your concerned questions.

Yes, I'm fine, I haven't forgotten how to write English or who you all are (to answer a few of the queries...) Actually, it's all the IRS's fault. After getting several extensions, I had to bite a very large bullet and learn QuickBooks short, I didn't quite expect that doing the taxes for the Galleria would take me 24 hours a day for a month...(with the help of 2 accountants). Oh well, such is non-profit entrepreneurship (gosh, I'm tired). But I never, ever, ever, ever, ever complain (or exaggerate...). Not me!

Much to tell. Sunday is Mother's Day and, of course, we have the most beautiful Mother's Day gifts right here at ArtsEcho Galleria! (You didn't think I was going to suggest a trip to a mall, did you?) We have really unique jewelry, including lovely sets, beautiful earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and great watches! Even super-trendy CHARM BRACELET WATCHES! So cool. We also have those adorable FEDORAS (in white, beige, honey and black) and floppy SUNHATS and SUMMER SCARVES. Well, if you can't find a present should I put this? FUGGEDABOUDIT! (What's the point of living in Jersey if you can't use Jersey-speak?) And you can always get a charming ARTSECHO GALLERIA GIFT CERTIFICATE for Mom (or GrandMom or daughter or girlfriend...actually, that might give the girlfriend ideas...)

We are all hard at work on the upcoming Sustainable Couture Fashion Show which is taking place on Saturday, May 15th, and promises to be lots of fun! It starts at 5pm (come a little early if you want a seat!) In addition to dresses by 2 new designers, Aileen Lowe and Ji Young Song (who just started designing for a company in LA; she's flying in for the show) we will be showing some great vintage and designer ArtsEcho Galleria goodies, all "blinged-out" to perfection by our team of superb stylists! Here is our Zoe (photographed by Ben Bendor) in "Ji Young Song for ArtsEcho Design":
zoe ji young goldzoe black dress

Have a great weekend, Happy Mother's Day to all!
Sandra and the diligent and talented ArtsEcho Galleria team: Zoe, Ben, Crystal, Liana, Yara (beginning today!), Claude, Lina and our charming new Saturday volunteer, Shanella.

PS: A lovely article about us in InColor Magazine just came out! You can read it here:

PPS: We are located at 3809 Park Ave in UC right across from the parking lot of the Weehawken Pathmark. You can call us at 201-617-1110 if you feel like it.

PPPS: We are open TOMORROW for your Mother's Day shopping pleasure from 10 - 6! M-W 11-7, Th-F 11-8; next Saturday...FASHION SHOW!!!!

PPPPS: Don't worry, we still have Hershey's kisses on hand...

PPPPPS: Look below for the famous "secret word"