Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow, snow, go away, come again another day (like late next year!)

Dear Friends:
It may be snowing and blowing outside but here at ArtsEcho Galleria it is just about the warmest it has ever been! All day long we have had a photoshoot going on here (on, near, over and partly under) the famous pink couch (while some stalwart folk have been shopping.)

Our good friends, photographer Edwin Flores and stylist Tyler Callaghan, together with makeup artist Nik Masi, have been photographing some of our amazing clothes on two stunning (and very charming) models (Paola from Brazil & Gabrielle from Lithuania). Four of them are about 8 feet tall so I feel like a small plant in the middle of a forest. Here's Nik and Gabrielle (who is wearing a hand embroidered antique Mexican dress from our collection):

And here is Paola in a 1950's vintage wool dress with a headband and feathers:

Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) these are photos I took...(I am generally acknowledged to be the world's worst photographer...and that's by people who love me...) Next week I'll enclose some of Edwin's photos and, believe me, you won't believe it...

We were supposed to have our very first ART & ACCESSORIES PARTY (also known as FABULOUS JEWELRY PARTY) tonight in New Milford. Postponed 'til next Sunday (emphasis on the "Sun"). But, of course, every day is a jewelry party at ArtsEcho Galleria. Here is one of our latest's sterling silver, Brazilian drusy and carnelians and it's about FOUR INCHES LONG! As always, a unique and wearable piece of artwork.

Next Friday night (March 5) you are all welcome to "GuitarBurst" with the superb Diego Garcia at 8pm. And Saturday, March 13, at 7pm, is Bravo Brazil!

Warm regards,
Sandra and the energetic, highly capable, learn-something-new-every-day ArtsEcho Galleria team, Karina, Crystal, Zoe, Ben, Arianna, and our terrific (and much appreciated) interns, Claude and Sommer.

PS: Here are two photos of with the traditional haute couture "model look" and the other, where we made her laugh! (By the way, she's wearing a lovely Nanette Lepore jacket and one of our ethnic Indian a headpiece, of course...what else?)
Monday: 20% off your ENTIRE shopping spree!
Tuesday: JEWELRY! Buy 1 get 1 half off (BOGOHO!)
Wednesday: 40% off ONE fabulous item!
Thursday: BOGOHO on all of our gorgeous clothing.
Friday: Get a $10 gift certificate with a $40 or more purchase! (You can either keep the GC for yourself or give it to your mother-in-law so she'll forgive you for..whatever.)
Saturday: 30% off BAGS & ACCESSORIES (wallets, scarves, headbands, hats, belts!)

PPPS: We are here from 10-6 on Sat, 11-7 Mon-Wed and 11-8 on Thurs and Fri and you can call and chat at 201-617-1110.

PPPPS: Arianna would like to know if anyone wants to build a snowwoman...

PPPPPS: Look below for the SECRET WORD!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Why "Valentine's" Day? seems no one knows...but have a happy one anyway!

Dear Friends: Since there are lots of nice people in our cozy little shop buying beautiful things for that lovely lover's holiday, I thought this might be a good time to find out something about St. Valentine (about whom, I realized, I know absolutely nothing).

Turns out I'm not the only one. My good friends, Goog & Wiki weren't much help. They told me that the only "Valentines" they know were early Christian martyrs. How's that for romantic?! One urban legend (well, ancient urban Rome) has it that the Emperor Claudius tried to convert a guy named Valentine to Roman paganism, but Valentine almost succeeded in converting Claudius who then freaked out and had him beheaded. But just before they lopped off Valentine's head, he managed to restore the sight of his jailer's daughter whom he then presented with a card that said "From Your Valentine". Then they chopped off his head. Seriously, I read this.

More to the point, however, is that Valentine's Day supports the greeting card industry and is the second largest card-sending holiday after, of course, Christmas. There are more than one billion(!) Valentine Cards sent each year all over the world!

Now as for Valentine's Day presents, well, you have come to the right place!!! Tomorrow, we are selling our lovely jewelry at a heart-stopping 40% off!!!!! (by the way, it's my heart that's stopping). And with each gift you get a lovely gift bag, matching red paper, cute little gift cards, warm ambiance, Hershey's kisses, adorable mannequins, and excellent advice (from our Karina, the ArtsEcho Galleria Queen-of-Accessories!!)

All of our glorious costume AND sterling silver (with semi-precious gems) jewelry is on sale...rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuffs & fabulous sets.


One of our new friends at the Galleria is a very talented young fashion photographer who has just moved to Union City. His name is Edwin Flores and we will be exhibiting his work in May together with our "Sustainable Couture" fashion show (and, of course, fashion-y songs like Gershwin's "The Way You Wear Your Hat"...any ideas, anyone?) In the meantime, Edwin uses items from our fabulous Galleria collection for his photo shoots and we get to use his photos! Here are a few recent ones to whet your appetites:
edwin skinny photoedwin looking upedwin on floor
Doesn't our clothing look great? OK, the model (her name is Zane Mende) is pretty awesome, too. Thanks, Edwin!


Teddy Schapiro's amazing pen & ink art is now on exhibit in the Galleria. The comments we've received are incredible; once people start looking, they can't stop. The exhibit is called "Between the Lines" but a few of the other names we thought of were "Death and Life in Pen and Ink", "Schapiro & Kafka", "Schizo-Frantic" and the one that really describes the work, "Ink-istentialism". Teddy is another artist who lives here in Union City.

Warm regards to all,
Sandra and the ArtsEcho Galleria team, Karina, Crystal, Ben, Arianna & Lina

PS: SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, March 13th is BRAVO BRAZIL!!!!! We are hosting the superb artwork of Brazilian artist, Duda Penteado, and we have several young, edgy, Brazilian musicians who will be performing music that is happening now in Brazil. Looks to be a great show!

PPS: We're at 3809 Park Ave (in case you forgot); 201-617-1110 on M-W 11-7, Th-F 11-8 and Sat 10-6.

PPPS: Thank you so much for forwarding these emails to your friends!!!! They are coming in and telling us that they got your emails!!!! Please keep doing so!!!!!

PPPPS: I love exclamation points.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What do you want first? The good news...or the good news?

Dear Friends:
Yes, we are unabashed optimists here at ArtsEcho Galleria (despite the recession & the upcoming snowstorm).

The first really wonderful news is that we have been recognized by the Hudson County Office of Cultural Affairs & Tourism with an 2010 ARTS GRANT specifically for our concerts and programs!!!!! And that is good for us all, since we will be able to continue presenting superb (and free!!) evenings of music and art in the Galleria's charming and highly intimate setting that you have all come to know and love (or so we hear almost every day).

There is something really magical about hearing live music played by superb musicians in an intimate and warm place that is simply...magic. And where can you go today to hear live music? Either to a concert that often costs the big bucks, or a bar. Our events do not cost big bucks (or small bucks, either...) and we certainly are not a bar...although...maybe?...nah (our insurance won't cover it...darn).

So we wish to publicly thank the wonderful folks at the HCOCAT (thank goodness for abbreviations). Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our artistic hearts!


And speaking of HEARTS (oh come on, you all knew this was coming...) we have been selling our lovely and unique jewelry for Valentine's Day! Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bags (OK, bags aren't jewelry but they're terrific) and scarves (ditto). As you'll see in the coupon below, ALL jewelry is 25% off this week...'til Valentine's Day. And you'll get a lovely box, red tissue paper, and a gift bag as well (we even have little gift cards just about big enough to write "I Love You" cool is that?)


More good news: We are in the process of hanging a new art show of "Outsider Art" by one of the insiders at ArtsEcho Galleria. Teddy Schapiro is an artist who has studied at Cal Arts and the Chicago Institute of Art and exhibited in several galleries in NYC. He lives in Union City. We have loved his artwork since we met him and have displayed it frequently. This will be his first solo show here. It is very personal, often funny, highly iconoclastic, and pure Teddy. We're sure you'll enjoy it.

And yet more good news! In March we will be hosting the artwork of Brazilian artist, Duda Penteado. Duda's work, including his book, "Beauty for Ashes", has been celebrated and exhibited widely throughout the US, Brazil and Europe. We are very proud and delighted to host a solo show of Duda Penteado's powerful art (which will debut with a concert of Brazilian music...more on that soon).

Wishing you all a lovely (if very white) weekend...(anyone who braves the snowdrifts to get to our charming little outpost on Park Ave tomorrow will get a nice hot cup of cocoa from me!)

Warm regards,
Sandra and the highly personable & helpful team at ArtsEcho Galleria, Karina (our Style-Maven-Guru), Crystal, Ben, Arianna & Lina.


PS: A big thanks to everyone who emailed us about the Art & Accessories Parties! We were delighted to get so many great responses. If you can think of a good place for a party (perhaps your office or school), please let us know! The very first party is scheduled for late February in New Milford, NJ.

PPS: We just had a meeting with our dear friends (and Park Ave neighbors) Praveen & Pepita from the new (and excellent) "Touch of Spice" Indian restaurant and have decided to form a "Watertower District Association" to promote this wonderful area! There are so many great people who live here, including lots of artists and musicians. And it seems as if TONS of young artists (who can't afford to live in the town a little to the south of us...I won't mention names) are moving in!!

PPPS: We're at 3809 Park Ave; open from 11-7 M-W, 11-8 Th-F and 10-6 TOMORROW, snow or no snow!!!

PPPPS: Please forward this email to all of the terrific, wonderful, fashion-conscious, fashion-challenged (we'll help them and then you'll never be ashamed to go out with them again), and charming people you know! Thanks!!